Support. Expand. Propel.

Fostering the evolution of great ideas.

Support. Expand. Propel.

Fostering the evolution of great ideas.

Connecting Ideas and the Real World

CXC™ symbolizes “Excellence Without Compromise”. We specialize in identifying technological needs across various sectors with the goal of filling those needs through developing cutting edge improvements on existing technologies or developing game changing technologies from the ground up in our labs. We also work with Universities.

Visionary research and technology can never truly benefit humanity until real-world solutions are achieved. CXC faces the challenge of translating cutting-edge innovation to pragmatic applications in a complex, global landscape. Allies are required to fully understand, manage, and champion the value of these innovations. The CXC team is comprised of dynamic researchers as well as intellectual property, marketing, and business professionals who can provide creative solutions to bridge the gap between industry and academia.


Promoting Innovation

CXC is proud to be a part of the global innovation ecosystem. CXC has a broad network of academic and industry partners in Québec, in Canada and abroad. Researchers have access to world-leading companies, organizations and investment groups which present significant opportunities for growth and value creation.

A Vision to Create Growth

CXC’s vision is to empower and expand the scope and reach of fundamental and applied research. We constantly strive to understand the global marketplace and are well-positioned to connect research to real-world applications once targets are identified. CXC turns our researchers’ visions into viable and innovative business opportunities by developing the research to a threshold where connecting forward-thinking industry partners with the cutting edge technology benefits all parties. Researchers’ success is our success and our business parters’ success. Together, we can define a better future.


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